In-line Fluid Regulators


Water Regulator

The pre-set FluidReg® is a membrane regulator for compressed air and fluid system applications. Regardless of the inlet pressure, the FluidReg® provides a constant and stable output pressure, which is set by the factory and is therefore tamperproof.

The pressure of water supply lines is constantly fluctuating and is generally too high and depends strongly on the height of the building. The FluidReg® delivers a stable and constant pressure independent of the fluctuating pressure of the supply line.  more »


EcoReg® – Fluid regulator for drinking water and other liquids, NSF certified.
The FDA certified material Grivory® GV-5 FWA which is ideal for critical application areas such as drinking water, food industry, medical industry, etc.

The use of lead-free materials is growing in importance in particular as an alternative material for drinking water applications, where health standards are high. As an alternative material to conventional brass or lead-free brass TRI-MATIC offers the EcoReg® pre-set fluid regulator made of  Grivory® and stainless steel. more »

Check Valve

Check Valve

In combination with the EcoReg we developed a small and compact check valve.
Many systems require a “Backflow Prevention”. All the check valve’s components are FDA approved. This non-return valve works ideally in combination with the EcoReg® or as single component independently.
For double check valves conform to ASSE 1032, contact us.

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