New CartReg® - The small and compact in-line preset regulator for air blow guns and pneumatic tools

New CartReg®

Specifically designed to meet various international Health and Safety regulations on pneumatic air guns, to not exceed maximum required pressure at the pneumatic air guns. The New CartReg® is available as max 2 Bar/ 29 PSI outlet pressure version.

Due to its dimensions the New CartReg® has found its place in various pneumatic applications where space is particular tight and is therefore ideal and economical to maintain ideal pressure requirements.


  • Safety: protects personnel, machinery and plant by avoiding pressure surges
  • Ensures optimal air tool efficiency by supplying a constant pre-set pressure
  • Prevents compressed air waste – limits excessive compressed air consumption = reducing energy costs
  • Easy assembly: can be integrated into any ¼” pneumatic tool
  • High-pressure performance (P1= inlet pressure up to 12 bar/260 psig)
  • High flow performance (up to 400 L/Min – 15 scfm)
  • Lightweight (14g) and compact (Hexagon 14 mm, length 24 mm)
  • Locked to prevent pressure change – tamper proof
  • Competitively priced
  • Increases tool service life


  • Pneumatic air guns
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Pick and place units in automatic assembly systems

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