In-line Air Regulators

With Protect-Air's In-line series, use of compressed air becomes simpler, more effective and more economical. The In-Line series enables the user to supply any compressed air tool with the ideal air pressure in terms of both purity and quality to provide optimal performance, energy efficiency and economy. The series are directly installed in the piping systems, pressure hoses or tools at the user’s installation. 



The SaveAir® is an inline membrane regulator, applicable in various compressed air systems. The regulator provides a stable pressure point even by high inlet pressure fluctuations. The pressure is set by the factory and cannot be tempered with. more »


The piston regulated ToolReg® is designed to prevent overpressure and dynamic pressure waste on any pneumatic tool or application. The pressure at the tool cannot be tampered with as the ToolReg®’s pressure point is set by the factory. These Characteristics provide operators safety and prolong the tool’s life drastically. more »


The OxyReg ensures that a constant pressure is always maintained, despite the normal pressure fluctuations in a system.  The pressure is factory set. Designed for Oxygene and other neutral non aggressive gases.  more »


CartReg® - The economical and compact solution to various pneumatic applications. Engineered to comply with various international Health and Safety regulations on air blow guns, the preset CartReg® is the economical answer to the maximum pressure requirements.  more »

New CartReg®

New CartReg®

New CartReg® - The small and compact in-line preset regulator for air blow guns and pneumatic tools. Specifically designed to meet various international Health and Safety regulations on pneumatic air guns, to not exceed maximum required pressure at the pneumatic air guns. The Cartreg is available as max 2 Bar/ 29 PSI outlet pressure version.  more »

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